The Blog

Welcome to This blog is about my travels through life, both literally and figuratively. I intend to share some of my experiences in the world as I explore it, including exotic foreign locales but also special places closer to home. I will also write about the things I’m learning on my journey of self-discovery that I think may be of value to others. They may be things that have worked for me, or something that I’m currently learning or trying.

This blog is an experiment in creativity, intimacy, community, and self-reflection. For more information, see Why I’m Blogging. For more information about me, see About The Blogger.

Why would you want to read my blog? Ultimately your reasons are personal. I hope that you will find value and benefit from the time you spend here. My intention is to be entertaining and engaging enough that you want to participate and to return, that we both might benefit. Hopefully, you will share your experiences as a student of life, or perhaps be inspired to dream bigger or live bolder than you might have otherwise.

4 Responses to The Blog

  1. Sandee Volkenant says:

    I look forward to what your journey will reveal….

  2. janice king says:

    D-lited 2 B included, Patrick. Pleased U R doing this and I look forward to communicating in the future .I have been on Quite A Journey myself— strange byproduct of grief. My Mom passed away late last month so it has all been triggered again.
    Nicole is well and Terry and I are returning to Playa Del Carmen again this Winter- leaving Nov.28th returning April 2nd. Hope I can get your messages in English this time.


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